EMLT December 2015 meeting round-up

Harbourview parkThe Winter EMLT event took place on the Wednesday the 9th December at De Montfort University Leicester with sponsorship for the event from Wyver Solutions Ltd for catering. At the beginning of the session we also asked participants to contribute to a Padlet wall with a review of EMLT activities in 2015 and suggestions for EMLT activities in 2016. This is still open to contributions and can be found at http://padlet.com/laurahollinshea/emlt2015.

Introduction to ‘art of assessment’ – Rob Weale, De Montfort University

We started our series of presentations off with Rob Weale discussing the theme of the day ‘the art of assessment’. A link to the recording of the presentation is available here.

Using Micro Assessment to Scaffold a Flipped Learning Programme in Midwifery – Kirstie Coolin, Liz Hilton, University of Nottingham

Our second presentation looked at the work the University of Nottingham have been doing on flipping midwife training. The opportunity to incorporate the flipped learning model into the delivery of this BSc came about as a result of the introduction of a new curriculum where delivery was scheduled for September 2015. The nursing courses are already 50% blended and academic staff wanted to make the most of face-to-face lecturers and it felt this approach might help them to do this. This approach provided a big change to staff and students challenging them to work in new ways.

The design of the course started with focusing on the outcomes from face-to-face sessions and worked backwards to establish what students would need to bring to these session and then design a series of online activities for students to complete prior to attendance. The activities included videos, short-answer questions and reflective activities delivered using the Moodle lessons tool and the analytics to see student engagement. They are looking to see if there is a way of pulling information from this tool to see where the analytics show students who haven’t engaged. Focus groups were run with students to talk about the use of Moodle and the flipped learning experience. Students provided good feedback about their experience and as a result the academic has not had to repeat content in face-to-face sessions. One of the refinements being made as a result of student feedback is to provide guidance on the amount of time each activity will take at the start of the activity so students can better plan their workload

Transforming GCSE Maths with digital assessment – Jay Ashcroft, LearnMaker

Our third presentation looked at the use of the assessment workload within GCSE Maths teaching. Utilising an iPad app to record assessments and provide feedback to students about their assessments. A number of benefits were identified including reduced marking time and increased student interactions.  Here is a link to the slides for the presentation and a write up of the case study discussed within the presentation can be found at http://learnmaker.co.uk/broadgreen-international-school

Jisc Assessment Resources – Keith Jenkins, Jisc

Our fourth presentation before the break was from Keith Jenkins, Account Manager at Jisc, talking about the different resources and projects related to assessment. A recording of the presentation is available here.

Presentations delivered as part of the Online ALT Winter Conference

Two of the presentations delivered during the event were live streamed to the ALT Winter Conference.

Taking the leap – helping Historians to start marking online – Catherine Leyland, University of Leicester

The first presentation was from Catherine Leyland from the University of Leicester looking at getting historians to take the leap and start marking online. Unfortunately the sound quality on the first presentation was not great but Catherine has re-recorded this for us and the recording is available at https://youtu.be/FVRUt5ewz3U

E-assessment & Feedback @DMU – Richard Vallance, De Montfort University

The second presentation came from Richard Vallance, DMU who talks about the process he is taking of developing and implementing an e-assessment and e-feedback policy.

This presentation was recorded in Blackboard Collaborate and can be found at 13:30 within the session (ignore the first part as this was the first recording where the audio was bad).

Four years on from institution wide eSubmission and feedback – Laura Hollinshead, University of Derby

The final presentation on assessment delivered during the event was from Laura Hollinshead who talked about the rollout of electronic submission and marking across the institution and how this has become established within practices. She also covered the further development of assessment and feedback processes now being promoted. A recording of the presentation is available here.

ELESIG Presentation – Rob Howe, University of Northampton

The final presentation of the event was from Rob Howe the chair of the ELESIG Regional Group for the Midlands. Rob talked about the work of the group and how members of EMLT can get involved in joining this community of practice via the Ning site. Slides for Rob’s presentation are available here.

A big thank you to all attendees and we look forward to seeing you at our next event in 2016.

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