Engaging and empowering foundation learners with Stop Motion Animation



Independence at work is a key objective for the groups of students that I work with every day. Using blended learning is a key part of developing this skill set and the tools (software and hardware) that we use have to be accessible and engaging, which is why most of our work is done by using tablets – students being able to directly interact with the screen breaks down many barriers and impacts positively on learning.

Amongst other technology that we use, this 5 minute video clearly shows how Clayframes and QR codes supports and facilitates these learners to take control of their own learning. The sense of achievement when they successfully complete their task is a joy to watch.


Blended Learning Essentials

This is an uncut version from a series of powerful and insightful videos featured in the Blended Learning Essentials course led by Professor Diana Laurillard and Professor Neil Morris.

The course shows how blended learning in the voluntary, education and training sector can be inclusive and effective for all students and at all levels. The video clearly shows that learning technology, used purposefully, can enhance the learning experience.



Clayframes is an app for creating stop-motion movies on mobile devices.

The app has a really intuitive interface and is easy to use even for complete novices. The lite version even comes with advanced features like onion-skinning (a function which allows you to see the previous image underneath the present one to get the placement correct) and remote shutter trigger via handclaps.

The app requires access to the user’s photos and media files, USB storage, the device camera and microphone, and access to the internet.

The Clayframes app is available in two formats from the Google Play store and both require an Android device operating system version 2.2 and up.


Two alternatives (others are available)

  • Lego Movie Maker


  • Stop Motion Studio



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