#Covid19 We’re all in this together – or are we?

covid canal artwork by Sheila McNeill, shared on twitter.

The wonderful artwork shared above provides a clear metaphor for the current Covid19 crisis which moves amongst us and touches us all, wherever we may live, whatever our circumstances. “We are all in this together” has often been the refrain we hear on the news and in supermarkets. However, new research is revealing that our experience of covid 19 may in fact be very different.

We have invited scholars to share their findings with us in order to help us to better understand how this crisis may be deepening pre-existing inequalities and possibly creating new divisions. There is much to learn about how we need to protect our communities from the negative impacts of this virus and of the need for better, more informed, humaine decision making.

From the Institute of Education at UCL Allison Littlejohn, Jen Rode and
Eileen Kennedy will share with us how existing structural inequalities have been exacerbated and provide steps universities could take to try to reduce these. They will draw upon the MOTH study.

Joining us from the USA, Donna Lanclos will report on research results from a recent project about University practices during the pandemic emergency, especially the impact on women and people with caregiving responsibilities.

We will also be joined by @femedtech and Frances Bell will share an update on their Open Letter to Editors and their call to action. She will also share an example of intersectional evidence review for COVID-19 in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Populations.

The webinar will run on Wednesday 5th August at 4pm UK BST (Time where you are)

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This event was recorded and the recording is available here and also on our ALT Open Ed SIG You Tube channel here.

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