Guest Post: #altc Poem by Rob Howe

…….and now for something slightly different:

We look forward to ALT C in 2021
After a change apocalypse – we are so pleased this will run.

Bringing us all together around the issues that we care,
Under the principles of openness we will share.

Research and practice underpins presentations and is key.
Along with talks around decolonisation and accessibility.

Five exciting topic we will be seeing,
Including inclusive practice and digital well-being.

Some guidance we will be given on digital leadership,
So we can be more effective and not ride the ego trip.

We’ve expanded from the campus as a single place,
…and there will be discussions on digital and physical space.

For any topics that go beyond the call
The wildcard option will be the catch all

Finally we must not forget the importance of the social
Exciting events joining us together and having fun after sessions will keep us hopeful.

So please get involved and stop the event becoming crappie
….and make sure you contribute to the fabulous ALT – C

(apologies to all the proper poets out there)

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