#oer22: Post conference community highlights


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5 May – 12:30 BST – Open Education SIG – OER22 Community Highlights


Join ALT’s Open Education Special Interest Group to look back on OER22 and all the highlights from the conference.

We invite all to join us to share experiences and thoughts arising from the conference – whether you were able to present, attend or not. It takes time to process the many themes and ideas visited during the conference and this is an opportunity to think them through and connect with others to help move forward. All are welcome to this informal get together. Please complete this form and the webinar link will come to you on Thursday.

The conference put the spotlight on both the value and limitations of Open Education in a (post)pandemic world and covered the themes listed below:

Theme 1: Pedagogy in a time of crisis – what does an ‘open’ response look like?

Theme 2: Open textbooks: making the most of their potential;

Theme 3: Open in Action: open teaching, educational practices and resources;

Theme 4: Open research; scholarship or research around any aspect of open education;

Theme 5: Wildcard proposals that demonstrate fun and creative practice in relation to openness.

The Open Education SIG (OESIG) was established in March 2012. Education has the power to transform lives but too often access is restricted. Among those excluded are those who lack the right qualifications, who cannot pay the fees or who are unable to accommodate a fixed schedule. The Open Education movement seeks to remove barriers to education by freely sharing educational resources and adopting open educational practices. The remit of this SIG is to support, develop, sustain and influence policy in open education.



Recording is now available here.

An open google doc was made available during the webinar and has feedback and further resources. It is no longer open for security reasons but if you would like to add to it please contact us so we can send you an edit link.


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