Guidance on policy on storing of data in cloud storage solutions

On the ALT Members JiscMail list Tim Smale (Keele University) recently asked:

“I’m looking at providing some guidance to staff and students on the use of Google Drive (and other solutions). In particular I’m interested if anyone has guidance on what they consider safe and unsafe to store there. For example, do you allow the storage of student related data (exam results) etc?”

In response Tracey Duffy (Jisc Digital Media) highlighted Jisc Legal’s ‘What are the FOI and DP implications of using services like Dropbox or Evernote?’ guidance from January 2013. Tracey’s colleague at Jisc Digital Media, Virginia Power, followed up with this extensive annotated list of resources which readers might find useful:

Update: the Department for Education has recently published Departmental advice on data protection for schools considering cloud software services which includes a vendor checklist and responses from Google and Microsoft. The guidance document also includes other links to other resources such as from the ICO that might want to be considered 

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