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A11y and Open are political. Guest post.

  A11y and Open are political – webinars & online events are too! – Ghizzi Dunlop   Robin Wall Kimmerer said, ‘Western science is knowledge for knowledge’s sake; Traditional Ecological Knowledge is knowledge coupled with responsibility for that knowledge.” Substitute “Open” for “western science” and replace “Traditional Ecological” with “Accessible and Inclusive Open”. Accessibility is […] View Article

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Thinking the unthinkable.

  “Destroying open ed”  That was the title of the workshop I attended virtually at #opened17 this year. Taking place in California, the timing in the UK was a challenge as it would start at 11.30pm on a Friday night. Would I manage to stay awake sufficiently to take part? The format was experimental based […] View Article

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Promises and lies: the role of Open Educational Resources in inclusive practice.

This ALT Open Education SIG webinar is shared with FELTAG SIG and is part of a series of webinars ALT is organising in support of the FELTAG Movement. Thursday 15th June, 1pm   View  recording: https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2017-06-15.0531.M.39572659483D2F3A05887B43B73705.vcr&sid=7565 The promise of open educational resources is attractive – a cornucopia of free resources, alternative explanations, different media, different […] View Article

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Webinar Recording: Transforming OER into accessible OER

Disabled students need access to resources that can be adapted to suit their needs along with successful interaction with assistive technologies. The provision of accessible materials is now a legal obligation. Can OER provide a solution for both students and institutions? The UKOER programme from 2009-2012 produced a huge range of teaching materials, many of […] View Article

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