Our engagement for change in the sector

by Dr Teeroumanee Nadan, Annual Conference 2023 Committee Member

This blog was originally posted on 20 July 2023 on Dr Teeroumanee Nadan’s blog teeroumaneenadan.com

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By now you must be aware that ALT & JISC both turn 30 this year. In all the celebratory fanfare, if there is one thing that should stick with you, it is the hope for change:

change in the workplace within the learning technologies sector,

change in the sector as a whole, and

change within organisations like ALT and JISC that are decisive resources for change in the sector.

I have a lot to say about change, so why not check previous #altc23 blogs: “Becoming (more) accessible by design” & “When Diversity & Inclusion is a key conference theme, it changes the whole game” – and there is more in the #altc23 blogs series. Happy reading!

This blog emanates from the themes of #altc23. While reading this blog today, I seek that you to reflect on your engagement for change in the learning tech sector:

  • Why is change needed?
  • Who is responsible for change?
  • What change is needed?

Why is change needed?

The understanding of technology design and development and its target users plays a huge role in understanding how inclusive our line of work is. Here are pointers for change and reflection:

  • What makes your team/department uncomfortable?
  • What does it take to make sectorial teams to be more inclusive in practice?

Surviving ≠ Thriving

Who is responsible for change?

Change in the sector is everyone’s business. Here are pointers for change and reflection:

  • In leading teams to solve complex and difficult problems, do you play it safe or do you go the full extent of what it takes to see change? What is your level of responsibility?
  • What is everyone’s role in team or departmental change management?

Are you response-abled?

What change is needed?

The hardest part is identifying what needs to be done for change to be long-lasting and sustainable. Here are pointers for change and reflection:

  • In this day and age, what are the barriers to inclusivity that may not be overcome during our lifetime?
  • What role do ethics, integrity, and values play in your organisation’s and your own life?

Transcending the status-quo for change

Next steps

If you are planning to attend #altc23, I invite you to join me in an action-oriented workshop on “Our engagement for change in the sector”.

Please note that participants will be expected to already have a basic knowledge of inclusive technologies and inclusivity, to be able to focus on reflections, actions, and commitment during the workshop. I provide below some preworkshop readings.

Preworkshop Readings

Taking responsibility of your #altc23

Remember to check out:

The committee has put together an #altc23 blogs series and there are more coming, especially from the accessibility sub-committee. Happy reading!

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